At Happy Feet Dance, we have found that the best way to train dancers is through a combination of private lessons, group classes, practice parties and nights on the town. These four techniques will blend your knowledge into the final product—a comfortable and confident social dancer.



  1. Private Lessons

Private lessons give you 100% individual attention. By focusing on you and your needs, you will be able to build and retain a solid dance foundation.



  1. Group Classes

There are many sections of our curriculum that are best taught through group classes. By taking advantage of several partner changes, you will enhance your step patterns and leading/following.



  1. Practice Parties

Our practice parties get you out on the dance floor, using everything you’ve learned. These “battle ground conditions” help prepare you for the real thing. Developing confidence

is a primary factor in becoming a great dancer.



  1. Nights on the Town

The nights on the town enable you to practice your dancing in the “wild” with your studio friends and dance teachers. This will improve your confidence to dance in public without the need of an instructor.